Thursday, February 7, 2008

Music Release (Invite Only): "Steam Shadows"

Chronicling the goings-on 'round midnight at the icy mountain laboratory laudanum party.

Track Listing:
1. Metallic Mistress
2. Sleight of Hand
3. Eye Cycle CC
4. Ruby Glass
5. Mirrors and Sighs
6. Prism Ink
7. Ether Berries
8. Poison Pathics
9. Luv My Clutches
10. Cold Fuzzies
11. Where Are Me Taking Me
12. Escape Artist
13. Mimic Pot
14. Portal Cling

Bundle this disc with an item from my Future Oddities Emporium and you will receive a strange audio/visual package in the mail indeed.

Feel free to make mp3s to share with your friends. All I ask is that you consider making a donation to my "Help Skerror get more machines" fund via my paypal: skerror AT kattare DOT com

The more machines I have, the better I can serve you my friends :)

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